Studio Policies





Your session fee includes the photographer’s time and talent in your guided photo shoot.  It includes a pre-consultation to design your shoot if you choose, styling and set design, plus access to our studio wardrobe.  It also includes the culling to create your personalized portfolio of best images.  All images are custom finished and editing with high end retouching techniques.  You session also includes time for a personalized presentation "Viewing" of your final finished portfolio and ordering session.  Session fees are non-refundable but may be rescheduled.


  • The session fee is due in full at the time of booking in order to guarantee your session date and time. Session fees are to be paid at time of booking and can be paid by check or credit card through our secure studio paypal link.
  • Once your session payment has been processed, and required documents have been signed and returned, your session date & time will be confirmed as 'booked'.


  • If you must cancel your session due to illness or other personal emergency, please do your best to provide the studio with 48 hours’ notice so that your session time can be made available to other clients. Failure to provide adequate notice of a cancellation will result in the forfeiture of your session fees, and another session fee payment will be required to hold your new date.


  • You may reschedule your session within the next 48 hours from the time of your original shoot date, you can apply this session fee to the rescheduled session.  
  • Session fees are non-refundable.



Most of our clients treat themselves to a pampering make over with one of our professional Hair and Make Up Artists (H&MUA).  All of our stylist (H&MUA) are professionals in the industry and have been hand selected by our studio for their quality of work, their high end styling and beautiful finish work.  You'll find many of them have worked on creating looks and styles for fashion shows, runway events, photo shoots, and bridal events. Several have worked on the likes of NYFW, Couture FW, Project Runway, and have been featured in Fashion and Bridal Publications.

For major events we will pull together our team to bring our 'Beauty Bar' team to create an 'Inside the Glamour Studio' space for your event; providing full/partial make overs.  

Our H&MUA's are their own entities and hence are covered as their own entities and not as part of Monica Hahn Photography studio.  Our studio will bring the talent to you for your styling and make over, but you are booking our stylist as their own individual.   Payment and scheduling will be coordinated by Monica Hahn Photography studios, but our studio is not responsible for make up application or hair styling by these individuals nor is Monica Hahn Photography responsible for the hair and/or make up products and services used to create the looks for client shoots.  

If you have ALLERGIES to certain cosmetic or hair products, brushes or any application types - please let your stylist know ahead of time.  All Hair and Makeup artists are freelance stylist and hence all responsibilities and concerns with your styling and application must be made known to your stylist prior to getting started.  Monica Hahn Photography studios is not liable or responsible for the work of your hair and makeup artist.  

Questions about particular brands and products used for the client shoots should be directed directly to the specified H&MUA assigned to the shoot.  Our studio will put you in touch with your H&MUA so you can ask any questions important to you.





  • Recording devices or any kind including Camcorders, Cameras and including cell phone photos or recordings are NOT permitted at your photographic session. Please leave all camera equipment, or said devices at home.  Your session may be cut short if you are asked to put away your phone. 


  • ALL clients of Monica Hahn Photography & FenceOgraphy MUST sign a model release and contract.  This release will acknowledge that the subject being photographed is here at our studio by their own will and accord.  This model release also allows us to show our work to others like you who are looking for a “Personal Photographer.”
  • When you book a session and are photographed by Monica Hahn Photography or FenceOgraphy, you are agreeing and giving Monica Hahn Photography & FenceOgraphy permission to use and publish your images for promotional, advertising and any other like purpose.  Before your session is booked, you will be given a model release form & a contract to sign.


GENERAL INFORMATION:  The Viewing & Ordering Session

After your photo session, we will schedule a in-person viewing and ordering appointment.  At your personal viewing, you will be presented with a specially designed portfolio of your retouched images.  They will be displayed on our beautiful color calibrated large screen.   We are here to help you make selections and also show you the variety of specialty products and ways for you to enjoy and share your images. 



  • Orders are to be placed on the day of your viewing weather on-line or in-studio viewing. 
  • All forms of payment are accepted, although checks are preferred.  So we ask that you plan to bring your check book to the viewing for any purchases you may select.
  • Payment plan option available. 50% of payment is due before the order will be processed if you do not pay in full. 
  • If you choose a payment plan option the first payment is required before processing. Subsequent payments are due in 30 day increments.
  • Please note that our studio policy requires your complete order be placed before we start processing any portion of your order.  Digital images and printed products are released after Final payment has been made)
  • All orders are final upon review and signed purchase order at your viewing.  Edits can be made to your order within 24 hours if our studio has not already placed your print order. 
  • You can add onto your order at any time.


  • Ordered images will remain on file for one year from the date of your portrait sitting unless additional web hosting options are given during your viewing and ordering session.
  • Unordered images will be deleted after 10 days from date of first viewing.
  • Be sure to download all your images AS SOON as you receive your online digital portfolio.  Monica Hahn Photography is not responsible for holding your digital images once they are released to you.


  • Prints, Printed Products and Reprint orders can be made at any time throughout the year, while your images are on file.
  • Printed products ordered by clients online through the website are the solre responsibiity of the client whom is ordering.  Changes, questions and concerns with Print and ordering must be taken up directly with the print house in which you ordered from.  Our studio will do our best to help facilitate, but ultimate responsibility lies with the client whom ordered and the print house from which it was ordered.
  • Prints ordered directly through our studio will be managed and coordinated through our studio staff.  Any issues or changes with your order can be placed with our studio staff.


  • Comp cards are custom designed layouts.  They will be proofed to you before we send to print. You are granted the opportunity to make up one (1) change within your layout. Additional edits to the design beyond the given two will be charged at $25 per edit.


  • One complimentary Viewing Session for your Reveal & Ordering is provided as part of your photo shoot.
    If an additional viewing session is requested or required to see client's final photos, and additional $75/hour session fee will be charged.  So please have all members of your party that will be final decision makers at your session. 




  • Due to the custom nature of the products and services provided by Monica Hahn Photography, all sales are final once received. Items cannot be returned or exchanged. You may add on to your order at any time, but a sale is considered final at the time it is made at the viewing.
  • Once digital files have had their final retouching and/or have been ‘unlocked’ online, they are no longer exchangeable for another image.


  • We are available for location sessions, events and commercial sessions at most destinations for the length of your event. A travel fee may apply for distances more than 20 miles from our studio. If an overnight/weekend stay is required, it is the responsibility of the client to assume financial coverage of lodging and meals unless otherwise agreed upon.

FREE PHOTO Shoot Vouchers

  • Free photo shoot vouchers given as part of a package are good for 1 year from date of purchase.  The voucher is good towards full priced sessions only,Mini sessions or discounted and/or promotional packages at special rates or with special terms excluded from use.    You may gift your photo shoot voucher to a friend, but the studio MUST be notified by owner of the voucher in email before it will be honored to the one you gifted the voucher to.  Free Photo Shoot sessions are subject to week day only sessions unless otherwise approved by our studio.  Uplift fees fro our premium studio locations in NY and LA are not included in this voucher.  
  • Please note that free photo shoot vouchers have a specified dollar amount and do not include digital images or prints unless otherwise confirmed with client via email.
  • Note that sessions for head shots are different than regular stylized portrait photo shoots.  Final digital packages and other offering vary in options and pricing.  Head shots are require less time, include less photo compositions, poses, backdrops, and less editing and culling; hence final packages and offering are sold at a lower cost. 

Print Vouchers

  • Free print vouchers are valid for 30 days unless otherwise noted.  Print vouchers included with purchased portfolios are good for 6 months from date of purchase.  Print vouchers are not transferable so please do not try to 'gift' your print voucher to another.  It will not be valid.  

New York & Los Angeles Studio Location Fees

  • Our NY and LA studios are premium studios with more elaborate set designs, backdrop options, and commercial-ready equipment, hence there is a premium free added to your photo session at these locations.  Fees are +$50 unless otherwise noted by an approved studio member.


  • I take the utmost care with respect to the proper exposure, retouching, and archiving of your digital images. In the unlikely event of data loss, camera equipment malfunction or photographer illness that prevents the undertaking of the session, photographer’s liability will be limited to the refund of all session fees, or a new session can be scheduled at no additional cost to the client.


 (Monica Hahn Photography & FenceOgraphy own all copyrights.  Personal usage rights to purchased photos are granted to clients. Inquire about commercial usage rights.)

If you have further questions, please call the studio, email us directly or go to the CONTACT PAGE.