Enhance your photo shoot with these special professional services:


Enhance your photo shoot with the professional services of a Salon Stylist or On-set stylist.  Select experienced Hair and Make Up Artists from Junior Level to Editorial style senior level professional artist.  Add help with getting new wardrobe items for your shoot.  Mani/Pedi and Spa/Facial packages to get yourself polished before your shoot (mani/pedi/facials not on premise).  




A professional Make Up Artists can add that perfectly blended polish to enhance your on-camera looks.  Photo-Ready make up is different than that of everyday make up.  It has a special matte finish to reduce shine under the heavy set lights.  Techniques for blending are more important when you're that close up to the lens and your make up artist knows just how to take care of that.  Certain features are brought out by our make up artist using professional techniques to frame and sculpt your face to bring out your most flattering features and hide your less than favorite features.  

Our Make Up Artist use professional Photo Ready make up products that will be softer and more pleasing to the camera.  False eyelashes for a photo shoot are a must in my book!  It's amazing how easily lashes are lost in photos. Your Make up artist will bring and apply profesional lashes for you to give you just the right amount of beauty and glam.


The camera tends to dull and flatten subject naturally.  with special lighting we use shadows and highlights to sculpt your looks to bring out the drama.  But before we even snap a shot, we have to get your hair styled right.  Framing your face perfectly with your hair can make all the difference.  We'll go voluptuous with more volume, or edgier with contemporary styles or full bodied waves for that subtly sweet and sexy look.  A good hairstylist can transform your looks with different hairstyles.  Camera-ready styles are usually bigger and bolder to give effect to your photos.  Your hairstylists can add special flowers, ribbons, feathers, crystals, and other magnificent pieces to give you a look that is special and unique.




Photo Shoot, Make Over and

Why Not Make It a DATE NIGHT?

Having a full make over with your shoot?  Why not make it a special date night after?  We can coordinate dinner reservation, a bottle of wine, movie tickets and/or a box of chocolates to complete this day of beauty and pampering.


Mani/Pedi Package
Professional Hair Stylist 
Professional Make Up Artist.

Get yourself polished up with a Man/Pedi just before your shoot. Have your Hair & Make Up done by professional artists in the industry. 



Mani/Pedi Package
Professional Hair Stylist
Professional Make Up Artist
Date Night Set Up:  Dinner Reservations, Bottle Of Wine, Box of Chocolates, Movie Theater Tickets for 2

Get yourself polished up with a Man/Pedi just before your shoot.  Have your Hair & Make Up done by professional artists in the industry. Now that you're 'Picture Perfect', have us set up a date night for you with reservations to one of several restaurants.  Leave our studio with a special bottle of wine, a box of chocolates and movie ticket for two to finish your evening.