The Style Of Photography.  

A contemporary fashion, beauty and glamour photography studio: shooting professional modeling portfolios, commercial editorial/advertising/catalogs, and signature couture style portraits.

My style is largely fashion inspired portraiture and an experience of looking like the men & women in our magazines with the ‘feeling’ of beautiful.  It's about capturing the beauty on the outside and about finding the beauty that shines out from inside you.  It's not so much about being a supermodel, it's more so about being you at your most unexpected best.  

My style of photographing is simple and casual, but the images I capture are dramatic and enticingly beautiful. My subjects are ordinary people who simply took the day off to be pampered and experience the feeling of their beauty. I invite you to a personal session with me. 

~ Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Photographer, Monica Hahn


Beautiful dreamy photo shoot wardrobe hangs in the studio viewing room. Be photographed by fashion and beauty photographer Monica Hahn.  Fashion, glamour and beauty photographer Monica Hahn in her studio wardrobe viewing roomMonica Hahn Photography is a contemporary couture style fashion and beauty portrait studio.  

Meet Monica 
Photographer & Creative Director

When people ask me what I like most about being a photographer, the first thing that comes to mind are 'the people'.  I've been blessed with terrific clients and wonderful subjects to photograph.  Or maybe it's just that we're all having fun together on set.

I don't believe in over posing someone, rather finding the naturalness in my subjects and trying to draw out their expression from within and capturing it on camera.

Do I retouch?  Yes, to some degree.  I see photography as a form of human expression caught on camera combined with talent and artistry on the back end to deliver  a high end professionally finished look with that eye catching 'Magazine' like finish.

Professional photography is about having a great experience with the people you are photographing.  It's about knowing your lighting, the angles, industry techniques, and having that artistic touch to deliver what is an amazing experience and special final product to each client.

Meet some of the talented Hair & Make Up Artists I work with on set. Their talents, artistry and personal style lend to each client experience and help to produce such amazing subjects in my photographs.  

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Meet Aga 
Director of Marketing & PR

Aga's professional talents come to life in creating special stylized Photography events and showcases with private organizations, country clubs, designers, style houses, editors & publishers.

If you can dream it, Aga can create it.  From special events, private photography events, bachelorette parties, girls night out, Make Over Days, thematic events, destination beauty events - you name it Aga can bring your visions to life.  

Need help pulling your vision together?  Beautiful, fabulous, wonderful... Our photo studio brings the whole luxury pampering experience - and Aga makes it all happen.  

Have fun, wear a designer couture piece, look fabulous, feel amazing Experience Gorgeous - exquisitely coordinated by Aga.


Meet Scott

Scott has been behind the lens honing and cultivating his skills, talents and art, ever since the days of changing out flash-cubes on his Instamatic. Today he is an accomplished photographer and videographer who not only exhibits comprehensive experience and knowledge, but possesses such an authentic relationship with the medium which enables him the capability to offer a complete solution to meet most any of your video and photography needs.




Meet Andrew
Second Photographer

My name is Andrew and photography is my passion.  I love to travel the world when I can and explore new places.  Some of my top visits have been to Spain and Iceland for the purpose of hiking and exploring.  I have always found beauty in creating and interating with a subject.  There is something to be said for bringing out somebody's beauty, even if they do not usually show it.  It's an amazing experience to connect with your subject and bring out their best side, working together to create something amazing.



Meet Sarah
Studio Graphic & Visual Assistant

When working as part of a creative team one of my main roles is helping others. It’s what I genuinely enjoy doing. I believe that being comfortable is where you are able to express yourself the most. I love the moments when clients first arrive and I can give them a warm welcome because it’s important to feel comfortable at a photo-shoot. And when I’m working behind the studio, graphics/visual design is what inspires and compels me. Having a free-spirited outlook can really be reflected on the work and what you create in life. So make it a beautiful one.


Meet Kaytea
Studio Assistant

Photography means to me being able to stop and smell the roses.  Life is an adventure full of beauty but it tends to pass quickly before our eyes.  As a photographer I am constantly looking around as if I'm constantly looking through the camera lens.  I am driven to capture life as it happens almost as if I told the world to stand still just for me.  What is most rewarding about my job is being able to share with others what moments they didn't see themselves or didn't have a chance to experience.


Meet Lia Butler
Professional Hair & Make Up Artist

[email protected]


Fashion inspired photography studio. Fashion, Modeling, Glamour, Portraits, Make Overs, Dance, and Athletes


Meet Rachel Alteri

Professional Hair & Make Up Artist

Rachel is focused on fashion and glamour inspired Make Up Artistry. She is trained specifically in working with photo ready make up for light responsiveness.  Her work is styled to each individual client creating looks for fashion shoots, editorials, glamour, pin up and special events & shows.

Rachel is talented in creating looks that are simple and natural to looks that are dramatic and glamorous. Her wide range of artistry help us create looks and styles that are right for each client.  

Beauty / Glamour / Bridal and Event Make


{Sculpting the entire look & style for our photo shoot}


Meet Olivia Cui
Professional Hair & Make Up Artist

Olivia Cui is an emerging makeup artist specialized in corrective beauty makeovers, bridal, high-fashion, glamour, full/partial body and special effect makeup.

As an artist Olivia is exceptionally creative, detail oriented, with styles and techniques that enhance the model’s beauty and compliment the designer’s creations. Olivia is able to communicate the essence of the beauty in hair & makeup, while appreciating the creativity and personal style of each client.

Runway / Modeling / Catalog / Beauty / Glamour / Bridal and Event






Copyright: & FenceOgraphy.comBehind the Scenes with (H/MUA) Hair & Make Up Artist Madelyn Rivera.








{Face Sculpting techniques to contour and highlight key features.}


Meet Madelyn Jelinski
Professional Hair & Make Up Artist

Professional makeup artist Madelyn Rivera is an artist that has an excitement for creativity, a passion for colors/textures/experimentation with different artistic mediums, and with a deep desire to unravel the true beauty behind every uniquely formed face.  Her work incorporates both a trendy and bold approach to makeup while still maintaining the simplicity and natural beauty of her canvas.  Her focus is to bring something new, fresh, creative, and captivating to the camera.

Runway / Modeling / Catalog / Beauty / Glamour / Bridal and Event

Have questions on Hair, Make Up and Styling?  

Beauty Glamour Gorgeous. A pampering make over and photo shoot experienceStudio Team @ Monica Hahn PhotographyAlecia Butchko is one of our very talented Hair and Make Up artists.  


Meet Alecia Butchko
Professional Hair & Make Up Artist

My style as an artist is soft, fresh, elegant & timeless. I have a passion for creating beautiful polished looks while emphasizing your best features and allowing your inner beauty glow from the inside out. I love being given the opportunity of making a woman feel good about herself and working my magic to enhance her natural beauty & my belief is that less is more when it comes application.  With personalized one on one consultations I offer my clients the full celebrity-experience, helping you look and feel your best!

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Fashion inspired photography studio. Fashion, Modeling, Glamour, Portraits, Make Overs, Dance, and Athletes

Meet Christopher Marcum
Professional Hair & Make Up Artist

During my career as an interior designer working for high-end residential clients I realized I needed to follow my heart – via a lipstick brush. Now, as a New York City based makeup artist working in editorial, fashion and beauty, I collaborate with talented photographers, stylists and models to create and capture magical moments.

"The thing I enjoy most about working as a makeup artist is making someone FEEL beautiful. Makeup is such a great tool for self confidence and when done correctly can really highlight someone's natural beauty and push forward inner beauty."

monica hahn photography, nj photographer, ny photographer, pa photographer, editorial photographer, dance photographer,Monica Hahn Photography, Nicole Cyrese (Hair), Nicole Glendenning (Make Up)Monica Hahn Photography, Nicole Cyrese Eventoff editorial Hair stylist, Nicole Glendenning Editorial Make Up Artist. Models, Dancers, Pageant Queens, Athletes and beautiful make overs with fun photo shoots for the everyday woman, her mother, daughter, sister and best friend.  

Meet Nicole Eventoff
Professional Runway, Fashion & Editorial
Master Level Hair Stylist

Hair is Nicole's canvas and she's earned her artistic pedigree by training with the masters.  Nicole has studied throughout the United States and Canada with Oribe, Kerastase, Shu Uemura, Vidal Sassoon, Bumble and Bumble, L'Oreal, Unite Eurotherapy, and Redken. She is an accomplished stylist whose work has appeared at myriad top tier fashion events, from local venues to Lincoln Center.
Nicole has been beautifying the tresses of top models backstage at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week since 2010, New Jersey Fashion Week and many other feature fashion events throughout the Northeast. Nicole is proud to serve as Lead Hairstylist & Beauty Liaison for New Jersey Fashion Week since 2013.  Additionally, Nicole works as an editorial hairstylist for Social LifeStyle Magazine.
Nicole Cyrese has a natural ability to make everyone look and feel his or her best.

Meet Nicole Glendenning
Professional Runway, TV, Fashion & Editorial
Master Level Make Up Artist

To be able to transform an ordinary face into artful beauty is an amazing feeling; almost magical.
Nicole has worked on set at editorial fashion shoots, runway events and even on Bravo TV's Project Runway.   
Monica Hahn PhotographyMonica Hahn PhotographyOur Hair and Make up artist, Jenna styling our clients at the Celebrity Cruises Event.  

Meet Jenna
Professional Hair & Make Up Artist


Meet Kia
Professional Hair & Make Up Artist

From photo shoots to fashion runways, Kia's creative talents and drive has kept her busy helping clients create that perfectly styled look for their special day.  A New Jersey native, Kia began her career at the age of 19 working as a makeup artist for brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, and specialty stores like Sephora. 
She has a reputation of being able to create a beautiful 'natural' look by enhancing the beauty you were born with - it's become her signature.   Kia  has worked with some of the best of brands and products and brings that to her personal styling table for each of our clients.  You'll see Kia's work in the fashion industry and tv/film.... and of course, our design studio!
Monica Hahn PhotographyMonica Hahn PhotographyMeet us Inside the Glamour Studio as we bring Celebrity Cruises their most interactive event at the New York Times Travel show this year. We brought our Style Studio team of hair and make up artists for mini make overs and fabulously fun photo shoots. It was Glamour Passports and great social media personal head shots for men and women of ages.  

Meet Alexandria Luz
Master Level Hair & Make Up Artist

Growing up with severe acne is what peaked my interest in makeup. It’s sometimes hard to see someone’s beauty when outer appearances can be distracting. My goal during each encounter is to make my clients feel as comfortable as possible. In doing this, there can be an open dialogue about what makes each of them unique and allows me to bring out the inner beauty found in everyone.



Meet Chantel

Professional Hair & Make Up Artist

I started my career as a hair and make up artist at a young age, I just always knew what I wanted to do.  My passion is to use my talents to make women feel and look beautiful inside and out whether it's a simple touch of natural enhancing or full on glamour.
From creating beautiful looks for beauty, special effects, bridal, fashion, glamour, modeling and runway, I love the diversity and challenge of meeting each client and transforming each of them into personal works of beauty. I have worked with New York Bridal Fashion Week, major modeling agencies (AMP, MSA, and Major), and have enjoyed working on several film shoots in NYC



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Meet Adora Lam
In House Couture Dress Designer

As part of our Dream Shoots, Adora designs custom Dream Gowns for our photo shoots.  These gowns are dreamy, gorgeous and made to fit women and girls of all ages, sizes and styles.

It's that "OMG I feel amazing!.... moment" when you put it on.  Try on a Studio Dream Gown for your next photo shoot or commission Adora to design a custom couture piece for your dream photo shoot..

Have special piece made for your photo shoot

Glam by Adora
[email protected]


Meet Robert Grecco
Designer, custom gowns and dresses

Robert Grecco is known for his custom designed gowns and dresses for women from sizes 0 to 22.   His classic and signature designs are flattering, sophisticated and chic with fabrics and details that is unmistakably couture.  Greco Couture has walked the runways and is worn by reality star personalities for red carpet events and press parties.  Have a custom designed couture piece made for your signature photo shoot, then plan a special night out after!  You will look gorgeous!
Contact us to have a design consultation set up with Robert or visit his Montclair showroom, Atelier.



Enhance your photo shoot with the professional services of a Salon Stylist or On-set stylist.  Select experienced Hair and Make Up Artists from Junior Level to Editorial style senior level professional artist.  Add help with getting new wardrobe items for your shoot.  Mani/Pedi and Spa/Facial packages to get yourself polished before your shoot (not on premise).  



A professional Make Up Artistis can add that perfectly blended polish to enhance your on-camera looks.  Photo-Ready make up is different than that of everyday make up.  It has a special matte finish to reduce shine under the heavy set lights.  Techniques for blending are more important when you're that close up to the lens and your make up artist knows just how to take care of that.  Certain features are brought out by our make up artist using professional techniques to frame and sculpt your face to bring out your most flattering features and hide your less than favorite features.  

Our Make Up Artist use professional Photo Ready make up to reduce shine and highlight key features for the camera.  False eyelashes for a photo shoot are a must in my book!  It's amazing how easily lashes are lost in photos. Your Make up artist can bring and apply professional lashes for you to give you that boost of beauty and glamour.



The camera tends to dull and flatten hair naturally.  with special lighting we use shadows and highlights to sculpt your looks to bring out the drama.  But before we even snap a shot, we have to get your hair styled right.  Framing your face perfectly with your hair can make all the difference.  We'll go voluptuous with more volume & curls, or edgier with contemporary styles, or full bodied waves for that subtly sweet and sexy look.  A good hairstylist can transform your looks with different hairstyles.  Camera-ready styles are usually bigger and bolder to give effect to your photos.  Your hairstylists can add special flowers, ribbons, feathers, crystals, and other magnificent pieces to give you a look that is special and unique.






Fashion Inspired Portrait & Modeling Studio. Fashion Inspired Portrait & Modeling Studio. Fashion Inspired Portrait & Modeling Studio.


Fashion Inspired Portrait & Modeling Studio.

Fashion Inspired Beauty & Glamour studio. Primping On-set


Copyright: & FenceOgraphy.comFashion Inspired Beauty & Glamour Studio. Wardrobe, hair and make up primping On-set


Copyright: & FenceOgraphy.comFashion Inspired Beauty & Glamour studio. Primping On-set